Android Studio Download (2020 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Android Studio Download (2020 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Install Android Studio

Setting up Android Studio takes just a few clicks.


To install Android Studio on Windows, proceed as follows:
  1. If you downloaded an .exe file (recommended), double-click to launch it.
    If you downloaded a .zip file, unpack the ZIP, copy the android-studio folder into your Program Files folder, and then open the android-studio > bin folder and launch studio64.exe (for 64-bit machines) or studio.exe (for 32-bit machines).
  2. Follow the setup wizard in Android Studio and install any SDK packages that it recommends.
That's it. The following video shows each step of the setup procedure when using the recommended .exe download.

As new tools and other APIs become available, Android Studio tells you with a pop-up, or you can check for updates by clicking Help > Check for Update.

World-class code editing, debugging, performance tooling, a flexible build system, and an instant build/deploy system all allow you to focus on building unique and high-quality apps.
Instant Run
Push code and resource changes to your app running on a device or emulator and see the changes instantly come to life. Instant Run dramatically speeds up your edit, build, and run cycles, keeping you "in the flow."
Intelligent code editor
Write better code, work faster, and be more productive with an intelligent code editor that helps you each step of the way. Android Studio is built on IntelliJ and is capable of advanced code completion, refactoring, and code analysis.
Fast and feature-rich emulator
Install and run your apps faster than with a physical device and test your app on virtually any Android device configuration: Android phones, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV devices. The new Android Emulator 2.0 is faster than ever and allows you to dynamically resize the emulator and access a suite of sensor controls.
The robust and flexible build system

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