Dashboard Admin HTML CSS JS Free download

Dashboard Admin HTML CSS JS Free download

         Dashboard Admin HTML CSS JS  Free download

Admin Template Pro is a premium HTML admin template built using the Bootstrap 5 framework. It is designed to provide a professional and feature-rich user interface for building web applications, specifically for administrative purposes.

Here are some key features typically found in Admin Template Pro:

Responsive Design: Admin Template Pro is built with a responsive layout, ensuring that the interface adapts to different screen sizes and devices. This makes it accessible and user-friendly on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Bootstrap 5 Framework: The template is based on Bootstrap 5, a popular front-end framework known for its extensive collection of CSS and JavaScript components. Bootstrap provides a solid foundation for building modern and responsive web applications.

  • Dashboard – sophisticated main page with various widgets and charges to show important business-related data.
  • Authentication – perfect for a sophisticated sign-in, sign-up, password reset, password change, trial sign-up, and coming soon features on your website.
  • Account – user profile, account, security settings, audit log, and activity pages.
  • Chat – advanced chat app with private chat, group, and drawer chat options.
  • Calendar – advanced calendar app with add and edit events and also view event details on hover.
  • Customers – complete customer management app with customer profile, payments, and activities pages.
  • About Us – showcase valuable information about your company and team.
  • Invoice – present professional invoices with customizable designs.
  • Wizard – the step-by-step process of complicated registration that allows users to input information in a prescribed order.
  • Error – “404” & “500” and other page templates.
  • Email Templates – professionally designed email templates, we make it easy for you to send great-looking emails that actually get delivered.
Pre-built Pages and Components: Admin Template Pro typically includes a wide range of pre-built pages and components that can be easily customized and integrated into your application. These may include dashboards, user management pages, forms, tables, charts, and various UI elements.

Customization Options: The template often offers customization options, allowing you to modify the look and feel of the interface to match your branding or specific requirements. This may include options to change colors, typography, layout styles, and more.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Admin Template Pro usually undergoes extensive testing to ensure compatibility with major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. This ensures a consistent experience for your users across different platforms.

Well-Structured Code: The template typically follows best practices for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding, resulting in clean and maintainable code. This makes it easier for developers to customize and extend the template according to their needs.

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