Docker Images

Docker Images

 Docker Images

A Docker image is an inert, immutable, file that’s essentially a snapshot of a container. The images can be created with the build command, which can be used to create a container when started with a run.

List Docker Images

Use the docker images command to list all images available on your local system.

$ docker images

Search Docker Images

Use docker search command to search images on docker hub. For example, use the following command to search available docker images for CentOS operating system.

$ docker search centos

Download Docker Images

You use the docker pull command to download any image from the docker hub. For example, download centos image from the Docker hub to your local system and use the latest to create containers.

$ docker pull centos

Delete Docker Images

Use the docker rmi command to remove any docker image from your local system. For example to remove an image named centos use the following command.

$ docker rmi centos

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