How to Backup and Restore MongoDB Database

How to Backup and Restore MongoDB Database


How to Backup and Restore MongoDB Database

mongodump is a utility provided by MongoDB for creating backups of databases. This is a very useful utility and can be considered for taking backups for live servers databases very effectively. For database restore use mongorestore command. You can read our online mongodb tutorials to create a database, drop databases, etc.

1. Backup MongoDB Database – mongodump

There are various options to take backups of mongodb database. Use mongodump command to take all databases backup or a single database backup of backup of single collection.

Backup Single Database

Use this command to take backup of a single database (named mydb) only. Backup will be created in /backup/mongo/ directory.

mongodump --db mydb --out /backup/mongo/ 

–db – database name to backup
–out – database backup location. This will create folder with database name.

You can specify host, port, username and password for remote databases connections backups like below.

mongodump --host --port 27017 --username admin --password somepassword --db mydb --out /backup/mongo/ 

Backup All Databases

To back up all databases you just need to run the following command. Here /data/db/ is the location of your MongoDB data directory and /backup/mongo is the location of the backup directory.

mongodump --out /backup/mongo/ 

You can specify host, port for remote databases.

Backup Single Collection

This command will take backup of single collection from a database. Backup files will be created in /backup/mongo/mydb/ directory.

mongodump --collection mycollection --db mydb --out /backup/mongo/ 

2. Restore MongoDB Database – mongorestore

mongorestore is command line tool for restoring mongodb database backup. Here /data/db/ is location of your mongodb data directory and /backup/mongo is location of backup directory.

mongorestore --db mydb --drop /backup/mongo/mydb 

–drop – Will remove database if already exist.

You can simply move backup files to a remote server and run the same command there to restore backups.

3. MongoDB Backup Shell Script

You can easily schedule the below script in the scheduler to backup databases regularly. Create a file as follows

vi /backup/ 

Add below content to file. Update database hostname, database name , username and password accordingly.

Now configure this in crontab to run daily.


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